Lee Jung-Jae Bio 2021: Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth

Lee Jung-Jae Bio 2021: Age, Career, Relationship, Net Worth


Jung Jae Lee

Lee Jung-Jae (born 15th December 1972) is a popular South Korean actor. He has been famous all over the world from the popular Netflix Thriller Squid Games. Before Squid Games, Lee played the leading role on various other popular hits such as Typhoon, The Face Reader, The Last Witness, and many more. Before becoming a bonafide actor, Lee was pursuing his career in fashion designing. He has excellent taste in fashion and also has his own business regarding fashion, clothes, and accessories. Lee was also famous for his dating and relationship news when he was dating another famous actress Kim Min-Lee. The life of Lee was very tough growing up as they were not rich. Additionally, Lee has a brother with autism so Lee had to take care of his family and support his brother as well. Due to the massive hit of SquidGames, Lee has amassed very large social media followers not only in South Asia but all over the world.


Lee Jung-Jae was born in Seoul, South Korea. He has a very tough childhood where his parents were not rich and settle for what they could earn. Details regarding his parents have not been revealed yet. Regarding siblings, Lee Jung has an elder brother who was born with autism. In an interview, Lee clarified growing up was tough with a brother with autism. He had to take care of his brother whenever they got out and when they had to dine outside as his brother would be alone and had to take care of.

Regarding education, Lee Jung went to Gwangju, Sungai Elementary School later went to Cheongdam Middle School, and finally graduated from Hyundai Senior High School in Seoul. Lee went to Dongguk University in 1999 to pursue Bachelor’s degree in Theatre and Film Art, however, he had to leave his studies as he got a major role in TV series and movies and also was affected by Alcohol use. After 10 years Lee finally got the Masters’s Degree in Theatre and Arts in 2008.


Lee Jung Jae wanted to become an actor when he left the college however it was not as easy as he hoped for. He started working in a fashion designing company and started working as a fashion designer. He also started modeling for a model agency where he finally started to make a connection and landed a leading role in the 1993 TV show Dinosaur Teacher. The show was very popular which made Lee Jung famous but he still struggled to get major roles. Lee only got his debut on the big screen in 1994 in the popular movie The Young Man, however, his biggest break came 2 months later in Feelings that made him a South Korean Superstar actor.

A year later even his cameo in Sandglass made Lee a superstar and every female in the country had a crush on him. Soon he was cast as a lead role in various romantic movies and series. Eventually, his movie The Affair became one of the record-breaking projects in South Korea which received multiple awards. Lee again won the best actor award from another popular Korean movie City of Rising Sun which received multiple awards in the Blue Dragon Film Awards. Lee constantly got praised for his major roles in Somewhere in Time which became another fan favorite as well. He was starting to build his major fan base all over the world and it complimented when he played the lead role in The Last Witness which was an entertaining, action movie.

During 2007 Lee started to feel a slump as his major roles project did not bring him any success. All of his projects such as The Accidental Gangster and Mistaken Courtesan and other projects were very disappointing at the box office. Finally, Lee made his much-anticipated comeback in 2010 with The Housemaid which became another blockbuster and has not looked back since. However, he had to wait 10 more years in 2021 when he became the biggest name in the whole world with his brand new Netflix thriller Squid Games.

Dating Status

Lee Jung Jae is currently dating Lim Se-Reyong who is the daughter of the chairman of the owner of Daesung Group. Lim has previously married the owner of Samsung Lee Jay Yong. She is currently divorced from Lee and his mother of 2 children. Lee Jung has always wanted to remain to date and doesn’t want to marry as it brings too much responsibility. He has said he likes to remain unmarried so that he can be free.

Lee Jung previously dated another popular actress Kim Min-hee. They dated for over 3 years but broke up without clarifying as they are still regarded as friends by everyone close to them.

Net Worth

Lee Jung Jae is a popular actor from South Korea who has become famous all around the world for his exceptional actin in the Netflix thriller Squid Games. He has acted on many super hits south Korean TV series and movies but before Squid Games, only limited movie fanatics would have known about him. Lee has earned major shares of his income, properties, and assets from his acting career but he is also an astute entrepreneur as well. Currently, Lee Jung Jae has a net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • Lee Jung Jae grew up with elder brothe who has autism so he had to take care of him.
  • He is very vocal on not marrying to remain free and away from responsibility.
  • Lee is currently dating Lim Se- Reyong who is the mother of 2 childrens.
  • He is very fond of sports cars and high speed race.
  • Lee Jung Jae has a net worth of approixmately $5 million as of 2021.

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