Axl Rose Biography 2021: Age, Songs, Career, Net Worth

Axl Rose Biography 2021: Age, Songs, Career, Net Worth


Axl Rose (born 6 February 1962) is a popular singer, songwriter, guitarist, and songwriter who became insanely famous for his band Guns ‘N’ Roses. He formed the band in 1985 which became one of the biggest bands in history for over 3 decades. He has tons of fans all around the world however many music veterans and ordinary people criticized his music and labeled him a homophobe, misogynist, and also one who always gets in a fight with other band members. Growing up in a difficult childhood, Axl Rose became more and more violent as the days grew by. and also suffered from intoxication. But soon enough he found the music for his salvation and started his band. Axl Rose is currently 59 years old. He has just over 500,000 social media followers as of 2021.


Axl Rose was born in Lafayette, Indiana, USA. His father’s name was William Bruce Rose and his mother’s name was Sharon Elizabeth. Growing up it was tough for Axl Rose as his parents got separated his father kidnapped him and molested him for a long period. His stepfather also physically abused him along with his two half-siblings. Axl started to generate violent conduct however had to attend church since he was in a religious family. He and his half-siblings were very close and were passionate about music so they started a trio named Bailey Trio and started performing in a church.

Axl Rose always thought his stepfather was his biological father but later learned that his biological father left him when he was just 2 years old. At just 17 years of age, he joined the band named Axl and then changed his name to Axl Rose.


Axel Rose started his career in a band named RapidFire in 1983. He then again joined other bands Hollywood Rose and L.A Guns with his friend Izzy Stradlin.

After making some records with the band finally in 1985, Axel Rose and bands formed Guns ‘N Roses. They started performing on lots of LA clubs and circuits and started gaining fame. Axl Rose changed his name officially to Axl Rose just before he was offered a record deal by Gellen Records in 1986. Just after signing the deal Guns ‘N Roses released the first album named “Appetite For Destruction”. The album was a huge success not only in the US but all over the world. It sold over 18 million albums worldwide over the years.

Their fan base grew so fast and so large that two people died in a Crowd Crush after that Guns ‘N Roses had to apologize and also request the fans to be calm and controlled. He released his second album named GNR Lies in 1988 which also became immediately popular and sold over 15 million copies all over the world. Guns ‘N Roses became the biggest band at the time and in 1989 even got the prestigious award from the Rolling Stone magazine.

After1990 they did not release any album however they went to Up in Illusion Tour for 2 years which was another massive success for the band. The band started to fight with each other and for the whole of 1990, they did not release any albums. In 2001 he announced he was making music with new band members without any consultation and fired them. He also started to provide voiceovers to Video Game Grand Theft Auto San: Andreas. However, they only released his new album Chinese Democracy only in 2008 and have not released the album ever since. The band has not announced.

Marital Status and Childrens

Axl Rose has dated Gina Siler nine times but immediately got separated every time they used to date. He then began dating model Erin Everly who got pregnant after dating Axl for some time. However, she suffered a miscarriage which affected Rose and after just one year they separated from each other.

Axl Rose was also attracted to Stephanie Seymour who had a nice young boy named Dylan. Axl was very fond of the boy which was also one of the reasons he engaged with Stephanie however they separated only after 2 weeks.

Net Worth

Axl Rose is a popular and legendary singer of the band Guns’N Roses who has sold over 60 million albums worldwide. Some of his hit singles include Swee Child O Mine, Patience, Don’t Cry, and many more which made them the no 1 band all over the world. Axl Rose has earned tons of money, assets, and properties, and income from record deals and album tours. Currently, Axl Rose has a net worth of approximately $200 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • Axl Rose was born when his mother was just 16 years old.
  • Rose realized he was molested after reveaing his regressive memory.
  • Axl Rose was very violent and Guns N Roses disconintued after his constant argument with band mate Slash.
  • He was engaged to Gina Siler more than 9 times.

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