Alexandra Botez Wiki 2021: Career, Age, Sister, Net Worth

Alexandra Botez Wiki 2021: Career, Age, Sister, Net Worth


Alexandra Botez

Alexandra Botez (born 24 September 1995) is a famous chess player from the USA. She is 25 years old and has already named her mark on the sports industry with her incredibly talented Chess-playing skills. Along with that, she is also a popular social media personality with having fame on Twitch, YouTube, and Instagram. At only the age of 15, Botez was the champion of US girls nationals and Canadian National Girls Champion which was remarkable for any female. Not only that Botez is the holder of Women FIDE Master which represents the exceptional performance on the international stage.

Alexandra Botez has a mass fan following on social media with over 900,000 combining on her YouTube and Instagram. She also has over 300,000 social media followers on her Twitch account separately.


Alexandra Botez was born in Dallas, Texas, USA. She has kept the name of her father and mother private and has not shared it with anyone. However, her parents are occasionally featured on her social media however they were not properly introduced to anyone. Alexandra has a young sister named Andrea Botez who is also a popular chess player. Andrea has often collaborated with her sister on her social media and she is also an exceptional chess player despite being only 18 years old.

Regarding her early childhood days when Botez was just 7 years old, she started learning Chess with her father and was able to even beat her father a couple of times. She was the best chess player in her school and even defeated her seniors and even her teachers. Not only Botez was so impressive she played in an exhibition match against chess master Valer Demian. They played the match in the Community class center as a reward for Botez winning her class tournament. Later she also received the Chess Scholarship during her time at Oregon School.

To complete her education Botez went to Stanford University and graduated with her bachelor’s degree in International Relations. When she was just 19 years old she started to perform on international levels of Chess. Botez is regarded as one of the beautiful sports personalities of the world. She has a height of 5 feet 8 inches and she weighs about 55 kg. Her zodiac sign is Libra.


At the small age of 8, Botez won the Canadian national championship and at the age of 15 Alexandrea Botez was already earning her name in the Chess industry by being the champion of US Girls’ nationality. She then later got qualified for tournaments such as Chess Olympiads. Botez won Woman FIDE masters in 2013 when she was just 18 years old. When she was younger she got a scholarship on Chess from Stanford University and when Botez returned she was honored by awarding an ambassadorial role in Stanford Chess Club.

Along the line of 2018, Botez started to drift more towards Chess commentator. She became one of the most popular chess commentators of the 2019 PRO Chess League which is regarded as one of the most prestigious Chess tournaments in the world.

Not only that Alexandra Botez started to become more active on social media. She started her own YouTube and Twitch channel named BotezLive in 2016. These social media channels instantly became a hit and she quickly got over 1,00,000 followers. Due to the success of Twitch, Botez and her sister became lucrative members of the popular Esports channel Envy Gaming. Botez has collaborated with many popular chess players such as WGM Qiyu Zhou and Hikaru Nakamura.

Botez was also the founder of social media company CrowdAmp in 2017 however after 2 years of failed operations the company was closed in 2019. Botez is also a member of a popular NGO organization named Susan Polgar Foundation that deals with gender inequality and discrimination. Botez has stated countless times she was discriminated against lots of times during her run in Chess as it was the male-dominant sport.


Alexandra Botez is in a long-term relationship with another Grand Master Eric Hanson. Born in Canada Hanson was also a chess player from a very early age and he eventually won the title of Grand Master in 2013. There is no information on when they first met but many of the fans have spotted them hanging together and on a date. Also, Botez and Hanson were playing chess together in Botez’s room which started the rumors of them being together. However, the pair still have not been engaged or married to date.

Net Worth

Alexandra Botez is one of the younger Chess players in the world. She has been a leading lady for women all around the world to follow their dreams and follow sports as the means to overcome any hardships. She has earned quite a lot of earnings from Chess tournaments, royalties, and her social media subscriptions as well.

However, Alexandra does not flash her properties and she has stated she does not like to spend much. Currently, Botez has a net worth of approximately $5 million as of 2021.


  • Alexandra Botez has a younger sister named Andrea Botez who is also a chess player.
  • She is in a relationship with Grand Master Eric Hanson
  • Alexandra Botez is the amabssador of Stanford Chess Club.

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