Travis Scott Bio 2021- Age, Career, Husband, Controversy

Travis Scott Bio 2021- Age, Career, Husband, Controversy


Travis Scott

Travis Scott (born 30 April 1992) is a popular singer, songwriter, rapper, and musician who is popular for his songs such as Sickomode and Franchise. His real name is Jacques Webster and started gaining limelight in 2012 when he was introduced to the music world through Epic Records. He also went on to become a massive superstar with his extraordinary hit Antidote. However, he has previously come under lots of negative press due to his concerts being dangerous and lack of security measures. And it happened again in November 2021 as more than 10 people were killed in the stampede and crowd crush in the event and many music veterans, fans and local people criticized Travis Scott and their team for lack of awareness and security procedures. Travis Scott is still one of the most popular musicians on social media with over 10 million social media followers worldwide.


Travis Scott is also known as Jacques Webster was born in Houston, Texas, USA. His father’s name was Jacques Webster Senior and his mother’s name was Wanda Webster. His early childhood was tough and he used to spend his childhood till the age of six with his grandmother in Missouri. The place was very notoriously famous for crimes and it took a massive effect on Travis as he always wanted to move from there and went to some quiet place where he can stay as a normal person. Regarding education, Travis is a well-educated person. He first attended Elkins High School and in 2007 he got his graduation from the same institution. He then joined the University of Texas but due to some interesting opportunities for his career in music he had to drop out on the first year of college. This did not sit right with his parents so Travis was left on his own and his parents stopped supporting him financially.


Estranged with his family, Travis Scott decided to go to New York City to be a record producer. He was a very good listener of music and believed he can achieve something in this field. He started learning in the Just Blaze studio and started making some small hip-hop production as well. However, when he met his longtime friend and fellow music listener Chris Colloway they formed a band named The Graduates. After making music for a year, they released their first-ever EP on social media MySpace which was popular back then. However, just after one EP, the duo went their separate ways. Travis met his former classmate OG Chess and formed a new band named “The Classmates”. Scott started his dream of record producing with the Classmates as he left the singing aspect to OG Chess. They released two EPs named Buddy Rich and Cruisin’USA. However again after just 2 EPs due to personal and financial reasons, the band was disbanded and Travis went his separate ways.

After the separation of the band, Travis was left very little financially and went into depression as he was barely surviving on his own. He moved to and fro from Los Angeles and incidentally met TI of Grand Records who was impressed by the promise shown by Travis. Ti signed Travis to a record deal. Travis’s bad luck was not ending anytime soon as his first-ever studio album got delayed and was released later by different artists altogether.

In 2012, Travis Scott’s first remix single Blocka La Fame was released which became fairly popular. Finally, it was time for his debut studio commercial song named Upper Echelon which was scheduled to be released at the end of 2013. In early 2014 it was announced Travis Scott’s debut album was on the way and the name was Days Before Rodeo. He released the prelude track named Don’t Play. The song was a massive hit and incidentally, Scott’s first hit that he needed. The momentum was on his side so he announced the Rodeo Tour and the fans were waiting patiently for his album which also became a massive success. The Rodeo Tour also became one of the biggest sold-out venues and Travis Scott became the sensation all around the world.

The song Antidote from the album Rodeo was one of the biggest hits of the year and sold millions of copies which gave the superstar factor to Travis Scott. The other single 3500 was also one of the biggest hits of the year as well. Travis Scott released the name of his second album to be Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight and his third album to be Astroworld. He made the announcement at once and the album will be released back to back and both were super hit albums.

Wife and Children

Travis Scott is currently married to popular model and TV show artist Kylie Jenner. The couple has a daughter named Stormi Webster and is expecting their second child. In 2019, Travis and Kylie broke up but due to Pandemic had to quarantine together for their daughter which sparked their relationship and they patched up again.

Crowd Crush Controversy

At Travis Scott’s concert in November 2021, ten people lost their lives whereas a hundred were injured in the infamous Crowd Crush incident. The incident took place in NRG Park at Astroworld Festival celebrating the success of the album Astroworld with live concerts. Travis Scott got lots of criticism for continuing to perform despite the fans were pleading to stop the music and help the fallen audience. Most of the victims died of heart attack and cardiac arrest. Travis Scott has taken to social media to apologize and provide condolences to the dead victims.

Net Worth

Travis Scott is a very popular musician, rapper, and record producer who has just had a major album success in Astroworld which sold millions of copies worldwide. He has amassed lots of money, assets, properties, and much more from being a musician along with brand deals and sponsorships. Currently, Travis Scott has a net worth of approximately $60 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • Travis Scott saw lots of violence when he was younger.
  • Scott was bankrupt and depressed at one point of his career.
  • The crowd crush in his concert killed at least 10 people.
  • He is married to Kyle Jenner and has two childrens.
  • Travis Scott has a networth of approximately $60 million as of 2021.

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