Kanye West and Donda: How Good The Album Did?

Kanye West and Donda: How Good The Album Did?

Donda is the tenth studio album released by global superstar Kanye West. After months of speculations and years of cancellation, Kanye West finally released the album on August 29, 2021. However, immediately after the album release the controversy between West and Universal Musical Studios started growing fueling claims made by Kanye that the album was released without his consent. Such accusations were immediately refused by Universal Studios.

Donda seems to be based around Christian rap music mostly focus on gods and the grace of gods. However many believe the music showed the empty religious portrays among the music lovers. The songs on the albums have the influence of western boom rap, boom bap, electropop, and a combination of hip-hop. Many critics are unsatisfied by the lack of content in the album whereas some are praising indicating the value of meaning “less is more”.

Making of Donda

Kanye West first announced the making of Donda on November 18, 2019, but the name of the album was “King of Jesus II”. He also stated popular music producer and hip-hop legend Dre Dre was involved in the album. West announced he was making new music and working on a new working album but due to COVID restrictions but the released date had to be moved forward.

Another piece of information from the album was released by Kanye West on July 13, 2020, when he released the snippet of the song. A month later West announced the name of the album was changed to “Donda” tributing towards Donda West his mother. He also revealed the album date to be July 24, 2020, which eventually did not happen, and his fans were left bitterly disappointed by it.

However West encouraged his fans by releasing different guest artists to be featured on his album including Pusha T and Lil Baby. Other artists including Big Sean, Six Nine, and other popular rappers and artists. In September 2020, he released the snippet of another popular song “Believe What You Say”. A month after that he released a new song titled Nah Nah Nah dedicated to the presidential campaign.

Due to the divorce from Kim Kardashian, he stopped working on the album but was announced in March 2021, Kanye started working on the album again. Finally, Kanye West released Donda on August 29, 2021.

Chart Performance

Donda was one of the most anticipated albums of Kanye West to date and he did not fail to deliver. Talking about release it debuted in number one on US Billboard 200. Within one week he sold 300,000 units of the album, 272,000 streaming units, and 1000 on only track equivalent. It became the best-selling album and has been for 2 weeks. It made Kanye West the second person to have the 10th best-selling album consecutively along with Eminem. Donda also became the top Gospel albums and top Christian albums of 2021. The album entered on the US Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums diagram, on which it was West’s tenth outline topper. 23 of Donda’s tracks appeared on the Billboard Hot 100, prompting West joining Drake as one of the two musicians to have at least 23 melodies outline simultaneously. This likewise expanded West’s Hot 100 sections to 133, the fifth a large portion of any demonstration, a positioning he achieved for top-40 hits too by having scored 68. “Hurricane” was the most noteworthy diagramming track, arriving at number six and turning into West’s nineteenth top-20 hit. The 23 tracks took up the main 23 spots on both the US Christian Songs and Gospel Songs graphs, surpassing West’s record of all best 10 situations on the previous outline and the best 11 on the latter. As an aftereffect of the album and its tracks, West went up from number 67 to the top situation on the Billboard Artist 100, giving him his third week on the chart.

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