Anya Taylor-Joy Bio 2021: Age, Movies, Relationship, Net Worth

Anya Taylor-Joy Bio 2021: Age, Movies, Relationship, Net Worth


Anya Taylor-Joy (born April 16, 1996) is a popular actress who has become famous for the latest British show Queen’s Gambit, and also her cameo in another popular British show Peaky Blinders. Before that, Anya was also famous for other movies and projects such as Split, The Witch, and also comedy show Thoroughbreds. Due to her incredible acting skills and talents, she has received fare few awards such as Gotham Awards, People Choice Awards, and many more. She had quite a few followers on her social media but after the success of Queens Gambit, she has amassed a large number of social media followers recently. Anna has over 8 million social media followers on her official Instagram account.


Anya Taylor Joy was born in Miami, Florida but later moved to Argentina and was raised in Buenos Aires when she was very young. Her parents moved to England, London but Anya was really angry about it and did not learn English to pressurize her parents against the move. However, after a certain time, she became settled and joined Northlands School in London. Anya was very talented in sports and even used to play soccer for the school.

Talking about her parents, Anya’s father’s name was Dennis Alan Taylor, and her mother’s name was Jennifer Mariana. Anya was born during their holiday and was born without a plan which is why she still holds an American Citizen as she was born in Florida. Anya developed a fascination with acting and even joined Hill House and Queens Gate School to learn acting.


Anya Taylor- Roy was first scheduled to debut in a horror movie named Vampire Academy however her role was edited massively and was left uncredited which left her really demotivated and sad. But instead of sulking she actually used it as a motivation and continued to work hard and finally got her first role in the detective series Endeavour where she played the role of Phillipa Collins Davidson. The show became very popular which led her to get lots of other projects such as Atlantis which is a popular detective thriller.

In 2016, Finally, Anya Taylor Joy made her debut in a Hollywood horror movie titled The Witch. It shows the struggle of the young lady and her family who gets into the horror of paranormal activity during their vacation. The movie was first premiered at Sundance Festival and the movie and the acting of Taylor Joy was critically acclaimed. After the success of The Witch, Anya was offered several roles in various movies and TV shows however she again desired to play in another horror movie named Morgan and also another politics-related movie titled Barry. In the movie, she played the role of the best friend of Barack Obama and how she influenced Obama to take the road towards politics.

Anya Taylor Joy’s biggest break came in 2016 when she was selected for the major project titled Split. It was one of the most thrilling movies where she was abducted by a man with multiple personalities. After delivering another success, Taylor-Joy immediately signed another comedy movie titled Thoroughbreds which also became successful grossing over 40 million in the box office. Taylor-Joy again returned as the character of Casey Cooke that she played on Split in another thriller drama titled Glass with Samuel L Jackson, Sarah Poulson, and James McAvoy. Anya Taylor Joy was starting to maintain her own reputation in the Hollywood and TV industries and got her major role in early 2020 with Emma.

Later in 2020, Anya Taylor Joy got the biggest break when she signed for Queens Gambit. She played the role of Beth Hermon who was an orphan but has unbelievable talent in Chess and her road to become a Grandmaster defeating various top players on the way. The show became one of the most-watched TV shows during the time with over 60 million views on the official Netflix program. Queens Gambit was the best performance Taylor Joy delivered and it bought him various awards Choice Television Award, People Choice Award, and Golden Globe Award.

Boyfriends, Dating and Children

Anya Taylor=Joe is currently dating a popular actor and musician Malcolm McRae. He is a solo artist who is popular for making rock songs. Anya has not confirmed that she is in a relationship with Malcolm however she has been photographed multiple times kissing Malcolm when they were in London, Venice, and other vacation spots as well. There is also no information on how the couple met and when they started dating each other.

Before Malcolm Anya was rumored to be dating another actor Brian Seed however the rumor was not publicly accepted by anyone so it could have only been just a rumor as well.

Net Worth

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor Joy is one of the promising actresses in Hollywood who has become a fan favorite from her extraordinary acting with the show Queens Gambit. She has also been famous for her modeling and her beauty and has been featured in multiple fashion shows all around the world. Anya has earned quite a lot of fortune and property from her primary career as an actress and modeling. Currently, Anya Taylor Joy has a net worth of approximately $3 million as of 2021.

Interesting Facts

  • Anya Taylor Joy is a vegan her entire life and proudly endorses it.
  • She was selected for modeling when she was just casually walking in London.
  • Taylor Joy is exceptional on Football and even won competition.
  • According to her she never forgets what she sees.
  • Anya Taylor-Joy has a net worth of approximately $3 million as of 2021.

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