Amanda Cerny Wiki 2021: Age, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio

Amanda Cerny Wiki 2021: Age, Boyfriend, Career, Net Worth and Full Bio

Who is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny (born 26, June 1991) is a popular actress, social media influencer, and TV representative. Her full name is Amanda Rachelle Cerny. She rose to fame from her Vine and then later her YouTube channel became equally popular. Amanda has also appeared on the movie screen as an actress on her debut movie or mockumentary titled “Internet Famous”

Amanda was also selected VIP Playboy member of the year in 2011. She is also in the news for her relationship with many YouTube celebrities such as Logan Paul and Dane Cook. Today we will look at the brief details of Amanda Cerny’s life and how she rose to fame.

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Where was Amanda Cerny born? Amanda Cerny was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. Growing up she was a very active and prominent student in her school. Her father’s name was Russ Cerny and her mother’s name was Amy Reed. However, her father left her when she was little so her mother raised her and her sister. Amanda’s sister’s name is Samantha Cerny, and her younger brother’s name is Nick Bateman.

Amanda has a height of 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs about 59 kg. Cerny zodiac’s sign is Cancer. She has a slick and fit physique whereas she has a glowing bright face. Amanda has dark brown eyes and her hair color is also dark brown.

She currently lives in South Florida where she was raised after moving from the Pennsylvania.


Amanda Cerny’s career started as a model in 2011 when she became the Playboy Face of the month in October 2011. Her parents hesitated at first to let her play the model in the prestigious magazine but she was encouraged by Kelly Carrington. After her popularity, Cerny started to make videos on Vine where she posted her workout videos. Her second most video in the app Vine gave her just over 6 million views.

Amanda is also a really popular YouTuber. Her YouTube career started in 2016 when she released her first video. The video was titled “How to Date A Mermaid” which got over 4 million views. Her most-watched video is titled “Couple Work Out” which got over 48 million views.

In July 2018, Amanda helped to establish the On-Demand Video App called, ‘ZEUS’. She additionally established a cause named ‘Play Foundation.’ Investigating her acting profession, Amanda went about as an entertainer with the media like Lakeshore, Universal, NBC, Comedy Central, Millennial Films and Paramount, and so forth She has additionally coordinated, composed, and created more than 3000 improv shows, music recordings, and plant recordings with acclaimed performers including entertainers, top outline characters which acquired her a great many perspectives per video.

It has been said that she has likewise functioned as an altruist with past and continuous aid projects in Haiti and Puerto Rico.


Who is Amanda Cerny dating now? Amanda Cerny is currently dating and in a relationship with Johannes Bartl. The couple is together since 2017 and is still together living happily, They share their adorable romantic photos regularly and are also featured together in YouTube videos consistently. Amanda also regularly goes on vacation with her boyfriend and vlogs their amazing adventure.

It has been said that beforehand, she was in a relationship with Dane Cook, who is an entertainer. They likewise posted numerous photographs of their harmony via online media. In 2011, she was seen with Dane Cook, a comic entertainer, and Keegan Allen an American entertainer in 2015.

Amanda has also been in the news of dating popular singer Justin Bieber and famous YouTuber Logan Paul. However, she has already refused the rumor as a hoax and has claimed they are nothing but friends.

Net Worth

What is the net worth of Amanda Cerny? Amanda Cerny is the popular Actress, YouTuber, and social media figure. She has over 20 million followers on her YouTube account and over 27 million on her Instagram account. Most of her primary income is from her career as a social media personality and as an actress. She earned up to 3 million to 5 million per year from her illustrious career.

Amanda lives a ravishing lifestyle and is not shy to share her amazing riches with her fans on her social media. As of 2021, Amanda Cerny’s net worth is approximately $10 million.


  • Amanda Cerny’s parents were divorced when she was just 8.
  • She has two siblings an elder sister and a younger brother.
  • Amanda Cerny becomes the most VIP model of Playboy Magazine in 2011.
  • She currently has over 50 million social media followers.
  • Amanda Cerny’s net worth as of 2021 is approximately $10 million.

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